“The Hills Of Virginia”
Words and Music by Ryan Newcomb

Somewhere over the ocean,
Far from here,
The hills of Virginia,
Shine ever so clear,
The place I was born and,
The place that I love,
Though I have long since left her,
I often dream of,
O, I dream,
I dream of that beautiful place,
The hills of Virginia,
So far away,

I had a girl there,
As fair as the day,
Hair like the morning,
And a smile just the same,
I called her Daisy,
She would hold my hand,
When I told her I had to leave her,
She could not understand,
It was my time to go,
I left the hills of Virginia,
And I left her alone,

I often think of her,
On cold winter nights,
And somewhere in the stars,
I look in her eyes,
O, her eyes,
And I am taken away, To the hills of Virginia,
And her warm embrace


Someday I’ll go back there,
To find her again,
This life of a drifter,
Will come to an end,
I’ll lay down my sorrows,
In the cool grass that grows,
On the side of the mountains,
In the place that I know,
O, I know,
And soon, I will go,
The hills of Virginia,
Are calling me home,

The hills of Virginia,
Are calling me home.