“Daniel (Here For You)”
Words and Music by Ryan Newcomb

Daniel, I had to come and see you,
As soon as I heard what was going on,
Because I know the kind of person that you tend to be,
I won’t let you face this on your own,
But I’m not here to tell you who you’re supposed to be,
I’m not here to remind you of who you were,
I’m just here to tell that I’m here for you,
And that I’ll be here ‘till your spirit leaves this earth,

Knowing all he’d been through,
Knowing all he’d seen,
I felt his pain a little,
Because we’d both lost some dreams,
But that’s no reason to throw the rest away,
‘Cause his mercies are made new everyday,

Now, Daniel wasn’t much for talking,
Until I got him talking about the snow,
So, I asked him if he’d like to spend some time up in the mountains,
And he said he wished he could find the time to go,
‘Cause I knew Daniel needed something different,
I knew Daniel needed something new,
‘Cause he’d wasted all that God had given to him,
And I think it burned him deep inside,
Because he always knew that it was true,

Daniel, I will never understand you,
How you seem so bent on runnin’ yourself into the ground,
It’s like you enjoy the falling down,
And it breaks your heart to get back up,
Well, Daniel, you don’t have to take the fall,
But I’ll always be there to pick you up.