“Cold, Wet, And Confused”
Words and Music by Ryan Newcomb

Days like these are the worst,
It’s almost cold enough to be snowing,
And I’m stuck in the rain,
It’s far too cloudy to see,
The mountains to the west,
And for me to find my way,

And it’s cold as I walk alone,
Now I know that I am not that strong,
I’m cold, wet, and confused,
But, Lord, I’m waiting here for You,

Days like these are so hard,
Because the Promise feels so far away,
In the midst of it all,
And how can I feel the warmth of grace?
When my heart is empty and bare,
‘Cause I’ve been setup to take the fall,

And it’s so cold as I walk alone,
Where do you go when you have to leave all that you know?
I’m cold, wet, and confused,

How does this happen,
To a heart that’s in control,
To a man who seems to find his way,
And he finds it on his own,
Now, here I am,
I don’t understand,

It’s cold as I walk alone,
But, Lord, You’ve promised that I’m not on my own,
So, I fall to my knees in the rain,
Break this heart, so it will never be the same,
I’m cold, wet, and confused,
And, Lord, I’m crying out to You.