“One Foot In The Door”
Words and Music by Ryan Newcomb

She was as beautiful as a summer sky,
I was a broken heart, alone and wild,
She was far too much of everything that I have ever wanted,
And, it seemed to me, something like that should have been harder to find,
Should’ve been harder to find,

I’d found a way to make it on my own,
But you made me believe that I could let it go,
See, I’ve had myself a dream before, and I’ve had to leave it all behind,
But there is something about you that keeps you right here inside,
Here in this heart of mine,

I would give you this heart, if I thought it was something that you wanted,
If I believed it’d be returned to me just the way you found it,
Or maybe even better than before,

Tell me now, what’s a man supposed to do?
If all his heart is telling him is really true,
If everything he’s ever wanted is right in front of his face,
And he’s so afraid all he can think to do is walk away,
Just turn around and walk away,

‘Cause I’ve got one foot in the door,
And the rest of my heart is on the outside lookin’ in,
I’ve got one foot in the door,
And I’m afraid that it’s all I’m gonna get.